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This newsletter will update you on the Monsanto Tribunal: the judges, the lawyers, the new ambassadors, the parallel Peoples' Assembly and more. So we’re on steam for a remarkable event, a possible game changer in the discussion on how to hold corporations like Monsanto accountable for their acts. One of the most important initiatives from civil society in the last decade, according to one of our new ambassadors. No longer should the poisoning of people and the planet go unpunished. But this can only be done with your support. We need your help to spread this message, to inform people, to raise the necessary money. Please donate now, ask your friends to sign support for the Tribunal, share messages on social media, write blogs and articles, and invent other ways to get publicity. And please repeat regularly, so more and more new people and organisations will hear about the Tribunal, sign in support, receive updates, help to spread the message and raise the money. Become an ambassador for the Tribunal in your own network. This civil society initiative can only work with the support of the people.

Announcement of the Monsanto Tribunal Judges

The Monsanto Tribunal is glad to announce the names of the Judges who will preside the court in The Hague in October.

The three judges are:

  • Ms. Dior Fall Sow, Senegal, a former advocate general at the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda;
  • Ms. Francoise Tulkens, Belgium, a former vice-president at the European Court of Human Rights;
  • Mr. Upendra Baxi, India, former president of the Indian Society of International Law.

We are pleased that these distinguished international judges have agreed to co-chair the International Monsanto Tribunal. Their collective and exceptional experience will ensure that the tribunal process is held to the highest standards, thus lending validity and credibility to their final advisory opinions.

Presenting the Lawyers and prosecutors

Dr. Jackson Nyamuya Maogoto will be dealing with the question of whether Monsanto is complicit in war crimes as defined in Article 8(2) of the International Criminal Court. He is a senior lecturer in international Law at the University of Manchester (UK).  “The potential for businesses to be perpetrators of international crimes was legally recognised by the Nuremberg Tribunal which held private German industrialists criminally liable for their support of the German war effort. This important Nuremberg legacy has quietly been subsumed over decades by the military-industry complex. It is time that the complicity and liability of corporations is reactivated  The International Monsanto Tribunal will serve to resurrect the Nuremberg legacy, ‘remind’ and re-energise the international law framework— business actors can be involved in international crimes.”

Dr. Gwynn MacCarrick, Australia, was former legal officer at the Office of the Prosecutor at the International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia and former defense Counsel for a Militia Commander charged with 23 counts of Crimes Against Humanity before the United Nations Special Panel for Serious Crimes in Dili, East Timor. She will compose the plea on ecocide. "The work of the Monsanto Tribunal will undoubtedly contribute to the progressive development of international law, by clarifying the content of the human rights responsibilities of companies and by informing the international debate as to whether international criminal law should evolve, to include the crime of Ecocide."

Monsanto Tribunal, a Milestone against Bayer-Monsanto merger?

Bayer wants to take over Monsanto and offered 62 billion euros. Monsanto said no, but both companies are now negotiating behind closed doors. When BAYER's CEO Werner Baumann told the German press: "We are aware of Monsanto’s reputation," and "As I talk to our investors in order to convince them of our venture there will also be an offer for talks to environmental activists and other NGOs." The offer was accepted by four members of the organising committee of the Monsanto Tribunal, as they asked Bayer, questions like: "Will Bayer AG correct the ongoing damage and long-standing legacy of pollution created by Monsanto after the take over?" in a letter. So far Bayer only managed to respond with a very general answer.

Read the letter to Bayer here.

Next thing to happen was a Press Conference by the German organisations NABU (Nature Protection Union), Navdanya (Vandana Shiva), IFOAM International and the Coalition Against Bayer Dangers CBG, end of June in Berlin. They said:  “We all agree the Monsanto Tribunal in October will be a milestone in the resistance movement against the monopoly interests by the giant corporations Monsanto and also Bayer.”

Happy with our new supporters

We welcome all new supporters, including many individuals and the following big NGO’s and networks: Federation Agroecologia Brazil, Global Forest Coalition, Pesticide Action Network Europe and North America, Food Democracy Now!, Code Pink, Slow Food International, Greenpeace International, Friends of the Earth Europe...

And many many more, see the list on our website (both in chronological and alphabetical order).

Proud to present our new ambassadors

These well-known people will actively promote the Monsanto Tribunal in their communications. They have recorded a short support video that we will present on our Facebook and website.

  • Nnimmo Bassey: Nigerian architect, environmentalist activist, author and poet, who chaired Friends of the Earth International from 2008 till 2012, Director of the Health of Mother Earth Foundation.

  • Renate Künast: former German Minister of Agriculture, the Green Party.

  • Vivienne Westwood: famous UK Fashion Designer.

  • Boaventura de Sousa Santos: Professor of Sociology at the University of Coimbra, Portugal and author of many books.

  • Richard A. Falk: US professor emeritus of International Law and former UN Rapporteur on Palestine, author of many books.

Do you personally know people with a very big network who are prepared to speak out for good food, against poison and Monsanto power? Be it a cook, a musician, a film star or another celebrity? Ask them and let us know!

Marie-Monique Robin and Vandana Shiva in Argentina

The 3rd Festival Internacional de Cine Ambiental took place between June 1- 8 in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Vandana Shiva and Marie-Monique Robin were invited on the occasion of the Food Sovereignty days within the festival.

They also participated in the Argentinian Senate Commission of Environment and Sustainable Development. You can watch the whole video of their participation in Spanish here.

Marie-Monique Robin is still working on her next book and documentary movie about the dangers of glyphosate, the most widely used herbicide in the world and marketed as Round’Up by Monsanto. 300 millions of liters of glyphosate are used per year solely in Argentina.

Participate in the People`s Assembly

Parallel to the Monsanto Tribunal, the People's Assembly will take place in The Hague on October 14-16th. Think of a vibrant forum, a place where people from all around the world will converge to share their struggles, support each other and together, envision the world we want. Organisations can take part in the People's: contribution proposals will be carefully considered. If you have an idea to contribute to the People's Assembly, please send an email to org@monsanto-tribunal.org. Registration for individuals will open up soon.

Preliminary programme of the People`s Assembly available soon.

Supporting the Monsanto Tribunal: how can you help?

The best way to support the Tribunal is to be an ambassador in your own network:

  • Ask your friends to support us online; mention the tribunal on the website and the newsletter of the organisation you belong to; forward the information about the Tribunal to individuals and organizations in your network.

  • Follow us on social media; like, share our Facebook posts and Tweets; invite all your friends to like our Facebook page; Tweet about the Tribunal.

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