The defense of the safety of the planet and its inhabitants is the concern of all people! This is why the Organising Committee of the Monsanto Tribunal launched a large crowdfunding platform, with great succes.

Together we have achieved a major goal. People from Africa, North and South America, Europe, Asia and Australia together have managed to make a succesful crowdfunding initiative to secure the funds for the organisation of the Monsanto Tribunal in October 2016 plus the presentaton of the Judges in April 2017 in The Hague (Netherlands).

Additional funds are needed to spread the legal opinion of the judges as wide as possible to make sure that our common efforts result in the maximum effect to stop the machine of poison. Any additional gift will be used to spread the word and/or support the victims in legal cases of Monsanto (and Bayer in case of a merger).

The funds raised will go to the Monsanto Tribunal Foundation, headquartered in Amsterdam. Through its commitment to transparent, ethical and exemplary governance, the Steering Committee will exercise its utmost vigilance to ensure the proper use of money given to the Foundation. For more information click here.

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