New film on the Monsanto Tribunal!

In this newsletter: Monsanto's name will disappear but not be forgotten, Marie-Monique Robin's new documentary film behind the scenes of the Tribunal, European Civic Forum's brochure and a new lawsuit against Monsanto in France.

‘Bayer-Monsanto’ forever

Bayer swallowed Monsanto. Though current products will keep their brand, Monsanto’s name will disappear. In the meantime, Monsanto’s CEO Hugh Grant is retiring with a LOT of money. During Bayer’s annual shareholders’ meeting on May 25th, we asked CEO Werner Baumann what would happen with the thousands of lawsuits taking place against Monsanto in the United States. He simply answered that these issues would be dealt with according to Bayer’s ethical rules, but no further information could be given because the two companies were still independent from each other. This is not the case any more since June 7th. We will not give up, M. Baumann.

Marie-Monique Robin's second film on the Monsanto Tribunal

In addition to the documentary film ‘Roundup facing its Judges’, French journalist and author Marie-Monique Robin has directed a second documentary film. ‘The International Monsanto Tribunal – the Making of’ goes behind the scenes and tells the story and background of this extraordinary project. It shows how citizens from different social backgrounds and countries came together to make the tribunal a reality. The film is available with English, French, German, Spanish or Portuguese subtitles, and can be viewed as a whole or downloaded from Vimeo. You can also watch individual chapters, such as ‘Why The Hague?’ or ‘Who are the judges?’

The International Monsanto Tribunal – the Making of’ aims at being a tool for information and awareness-raising for a large audience, and can be freely shared.

New brochure on the Monsanto Tribunal

The brochure ‘Ecocide – Corporations on trial’ originally published in Switzerland by the European Civic Forum is now available in English and Spanish. The first version that was available in printed version in French and German has been revised, and prefaced by Prof. Olivier de Schutter. The English and Spanish PDF version is a joint production of the European Civic Forum and the Monsanto Tribunal Foundation. It can be freely shared and printed. 


Monsanto’s Tribunal witness suing Monsanto in France 

In October 2016, Sabine Grataloup was the first witness to testify before the judges. She spoke about her son Theo’s birth defects, caused by glyphosate exposure during early pregnancy. It is now official: Theo’s parents are suing Monsanto for failing to provide enough information about its products. One of the lawyers involved in the case is William Bourdon, who plead at the Monsanto Tribunal on the freedom indispensable to scientific research. This new lawsuit is a successful outcome of the Monsanto Tribunal, which goal was to provide a space for victims, lawyers and experts to meet and support each other. More information in French is available here.

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