Bayer Monsanto in deep trouble
Newsletter 08-10-2018

In this newsletter: news on Roundup, dicamba, Bt cotton, Bayer's strategy and a tribute to Fabián Tomasi.

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New film on the Monsanto Tribunal!
Newsletter 18-06-2018

In this newsletter: Monsanto's name will disappear but not be forgotten, Marie-Monique Robin's new documentary film behind the scenes of the Tribunal, European Civic Forum's brochure and a new lawsuit against Monsanto in France.

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Video: Monsanto's toxic tricks
general 15-04-2018

Here is a very interesting mini documentary highlighting all the strategies and toxic tricks used by Monsanto to ensure that they can sell their products, despite the clear dangers for humans and for the environment.

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Towards a new era
Newsletter 20-12-2017

In this newsletter: the failure of Bt coton in India and dicamba in the US, the glyphosate battle in the UE, news from the witnesses, the new NGO Justice Pesticides and the Monsanto Tribunal "Making of" documentary.

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Why the EU Commission's renewal of glyphosate authorization should be annulled
Press release 12-12-2017

Note prepared by prof. Olivier De Schutter, who was until 2014 the United Nations Special Rapporteur on the right to food. He is now the co-chair of the International Panel of Experts on Sustainable Food Systems (IPES-Food). The contribution of prof. Antoine Bailleux is gratefully acknowledged.

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Monsanto in trouble while citizens mobilize
Newsletter 26-09-2017

In this newsletter: expiration of the glyphosate's licence in Europe, Monsanto Papers scandal, glyphosate residues discovered in foodproducts and thorough investigations about Monsanto's work...

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Historic moment coming close
Newsletter 12-04-2017

In this newsletter: on April 18th the judges of the Monsanto Tribunal will present their conclusions; Seeds of Freedom, a new song by Manu Chao especially made for the struggle against Monsanto and Bayer; Monsanto knew much more than they told us on Roundup and cancer, and much more.

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Interview in French with René Lehnherr, initiator of the Monsanto Tribunal
general 29-03-2017

In its March 29th 2017 issue, the Swiss weekly paper l'Evénement Syndical publishes an article on the Monsanto Tribunal and an interview with the project initiator René Lehnherr. It is only available in French.

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